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Postgraduate Programme in Strategic Digital Marketing & Analytics (PGP-DM)


Postgraduate Programme in Strategic Digital Marketing & Analytics (PGP-DM) : -

Location: Mumbai

School:MKES Institute of Management Studies and Research (MKES-IMSR)

Intake: 20 participants (maximum)

Fees: Rs.1.20 Lakhs* + 18% GST

* Registration Fee on confirmation to block seat - Rs.45,000/- rest of the amount to be paid in 3(Three) equal installments of Rs.25,000/- each.

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Performance based Scholarship for participants as under:

(a) Students scoring 85% and above will get a scholarship to an extent of 50% of the total fee

(b) Students scoring between 75% to 84.99% will get a scholarship to an extent of 35% of the total fee

(c) Students scoring between 65% and 74.99% will get a scholarship to an extent of 15% of the total fee

(d) Students scoring between 55% and 64.99% will get a scholarship to an extent of 5% of the total fee

(e) No scholarship will be given to students scoring less than 55% marks.

Note - The above percentage will be calculated on an aggregate basis at the end of the programme.

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Programme Learning Objectives

Why PGP-DM Programme?

Post Graduate Programme in Strategic Digital Marketing & Analytics is a hands-on business centric learning keeping in mind the current and future trends. It is designed and conducted by industry professionals incorporating a mix of classroom, project and practical learning. It aims to cover various facets of Brand, Advertising and Research to give a perspective of various opportunities that one could pursue. There is an emphasis on Digital Technology which is growing rapidly. Continuous counseling and guidance will help in choosing the right career path on successful completion of programme.

Scope And Who Should Apply:

Digital Advertising contributes close to 28% i.e. 2.6bn USD of the overall advertising Industry and is growing by 20% YoY.

The pandemic has accelerated digital adaptation in India in 1 year which otherwise would have taken 3- 5 years with combined efforts of Govt and corporates. Media and advertising has witnessed some changes, while overall advertising has dropped by 17%, Digital grew by 15-20%. The spends are likely to exceed Television by 2022. OTT has witnessed 5x increase in customers viewing 16+ hours weekly and 4x increase in customers viewing 12-15 hours weekly.

Advertising spends on digital media has increased from a share of 20% in 2019 to 28% in 2020. It is expected to reach 34% by 2022.

As per LinkedIn Economic Graph, Digital Marketing is one of the top career opportunities in 2021. There is a definite and ever growing need of skilled people in Digital Marketing in the areas of Search, Social, Content, eCommerce and Programmatic across all functions like Sales, Marketing, Operations, Engineering, etc.

Post Graduate Programme in Strategic Digital Marketing & Analytics is designed as a career booster to empower your knowledge on Digital Marketing. It could help early professionals pave their career in the digital industry.

Traditional marketers and entrepreneurs could acquire knowledge on how Digital could help them in acquiring new customers and engage with them better.

Brand Managers, Leaders, Sales Professionals keen to increase their skill set on Digital Marketing. For existing digital marketers it could be a refresher as well as an opportunity to learn more about digital technologies.

We welcome applications from graduates in any stream with atleast 50% marks, professional interests and personal aspirations.

Learning Outcomes

  • From Novice to Future Ready Professionals.
  • Getting acquainted with digital terminology and Career scope transformation.
  • Carving out a niche basis of individual skills and counseling.
  • Understanding and application of SEM, SMM and Content.
  • Getting overview of planning, buying and analytics of campaigns.
  • Acquiring insights into various technologies and upcoming trends in Digital

Topics Covered


The emphasis of the programme will be on developing Attitude, Skills & Knowledge (ASK) leading to ability of the candidate to apply learnings to business settings.

To achieve the above, PGP-DM programme will comprise of a set of courses aimed at developing an inquisitive and analytical mind, which proactively seeks the right knowledge, appropriate skills and attitude necessary for business.

The pedagogical approach followed will be based largely on ‘Learning by Doing’ and using ‘Business as Lab’. The experiential nature of the programme will involve four stages:

  1. Learn the theoretical frameworks and models in the class based on the following architecture:

    Post Graduate Certificate In Digital Marketing Pedagogy – Experimental Learning

  2. Examine and reflect on the application of such frameworks under a wide variety of settings.
  3. Make wider sense of such attitudes, skills and knowledge as applicable to business.
  4. Learn and share the new knowledge to consolidate such learnings and add to the repertoire of knowledge for managing businesses effectively.
Group Projects

Student groups will be asked to complete a series of group projects that would enable them to apply their analytical and critical thinking abilities to solve complex business problems.

Thus, the programme will be conducted by a combination of lectures, class discussions, and case studies. Participants are advised to read the relevant material before sessions to enhance their class participation and understanding.