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About IBI, Hungary

About IBI, Budapest, Hungary

Institute for Business and Intelligence (IBI), Budapest, Hungary

The Institute for Business and Intelligence (IBI) is the privatized, next version of an academic business development hub earlier known as Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, founded by academics & business professionals at a US/EU accredited Central European located formal Business School.

Based on the professional experiences of business development, fundraising, research based strategic advice and intelligence based networking, access to more then 100 countries via personal encounters, more than 300 agreements negotiated over 3 Million Euros worth in five years, in multiple business sectors.

The IBI’s heart is rooted at the educational innovation sector, by respecting the differences and similarities between emerging and developed market economies, in the era of rapid technological changes, resulting a deep understanding on the tailor made pathways of development with a strong focus at business integrity, discretion, social impact and the right spirited attitude across all its activities. Based at both Budapest (Hungary) and Vienna (Austria) with business conduct experiences gained mostly at the EU, USA, Central Asia and Latin America by its original services and methodology, the IBI is carrying out a unique mission in a legally, financially and intellectually independent manner.

IBI & MKES-IMSR Cooperation

Having a decade long understanding on cross-border business, diplomacy and development of academic practices with talent from more than hundred countries, IBI is honoured to contribute to the educational aspirations of an emerging institution like MKES-IMSR. By creating the appropriate modern environment for peer to peer teaching and learning, sharing understanding and methods in a safe environment with a fair, win-win and can-do attitude, we believe in setting the correct framework for Indian talent to succeed in creating sustainable value in dynamically changing global environment. We see India as a spirited emerging market economy having an attractive appeal for international likeminded talent and this is the right time for creating a novel type of professional relationship with the participants, faculty, start-ups, family businesses and with the entire gamut of activities of MKES-IMSR. IBI is humbled to participate and look forward to shepherd the right type of professional activities along the way and enjoy our working together at nurturing unique successes!

IBI & MKES-IMSR Cooperation will include:

  • Peer to peer teaching and learning, sharing and understanding, teaching pedagogy i.e. online participation in teaching
  • Students mobility
  • International immersion
  • Internships for the students