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Judit Hildegard Hajos

Ms. Judit Hildegard Hajos

Founder IBI & Governing Board Member MKES-IMSR

As a Founder of the Institute for Business & Intelligence (IBI), Budapest, Hungary and Member - Governing Board of MKES-IMSR, I am extremely honoured to contribute to a traditional Indian institute’s novel type of business education programme and institution development. At the current economic changes, we leapfrog via new partnerships, by considering more perspectives for managing the known and unknown dimensions likewise. By joining this board, I wish to serve to the ambitions of MKES-IMSR at the highest level possible within the spheres of reach at my personal and institutional capacity. I strongly believe in a peer to peer approach for sharing best practices across emerging market economies for students, faculty and businesses likewise. Differentiating between pathways of successes in the fast growing and other emerging market economy, across business sectors, in the virtually spiked development arenas, require constant learning, commitment and a dynamic balance. By gaining the right understanding and setting clear frameworks of cooperation on long term basis, a novel type of teaching & learning methodology is reached and innovation fosters. I am confident that we set the right attitude to work together for nurturing growth at an intelligent, spirited and humble manner. Business education institutes are strongly connected to the unique successes of their stakeholders and I am committed to realize many such successful achievements with MKES-IMSR on our joyful journey ahead!